Health Coach University

Welcome to Health Coach University

Here at the Health Coach Group we know you invested a lot of time, money and soul into your education to become a health coach and now it’s time to build your practice. We know helping people overcome health issues, giving them knowledge to live fulfilled lives, and changing the world one person at a time are the reasons why you are here.

The excellent resources presented here will help you build (as fast paced or as steady as you want) on your health coach education foundation and create the thriving practice you deserve.

Watch this quick video for tips on using the resources in HCU

Building a practice takes time, money and an entirely different skill set.

Are you overwhelmed and maybe even sick of thinking about the hundreds of steps that all takes?

Steps like:

  • setting up a business budget
  • deciding on the what and why and how of product creation
  • the in’s and out’s of website design
  • tackling social media and advertising
  • engaging your clients
  • creating systems to keep it all manageable and maintained

It’s time to heave a sigh of relief – you have come to the right place!

Here at the Health Coach Group we are committed to making sure you are doing what you do best: working with people. So we set out to create a host of free resources to make building your practice, and your dreams, a reality.

Inside the Health Coach University you will find resources like:

  • list building 101
  • triggers that turn leads into customers
  • facebook engagement tips
  • how to write the perfect blog
  • building buzz for your business
  • secrets to social media
  • budget tracking, simple systems, and business blueprints
  • how to launch a product
  • and so much more!



It’s all free, just for you. That’s actually not even the best part.

The best part: this education is ongoing and will be constantly updated as technology changes, business evolves, and new ideas are born. You will have access to a continual source of free education resources to make sure you stay at the top of your game, and your clients will notice.

So step inside, pick a topic and dive in. This is your life, this is your dream, and school is now in session.

You can enroll here, you will receive a username and password within 15-30 minutes. You may then access tons of FREE business educational materials…videos, guides, articles, courses by clicking here…Health Coach University