What is Building Abundance?

Create a great business and successfully share it with the world! I know you have the potential. Our Building Abundance program will take you from dreams to design, from start to success step-by-step, and I am so very excited to share this program with you. Tell me, do you feel…

• unsure which direction to move in?
• you want to change the world but have no idea how to start?
• concern over the idea of all the trial and error you might face?
• overwhelmed by all the information thrown at you during your training?
• motivated and willing to do the work but find yourself going in circles?
• afraid that all the time and money you put into this great business is going to be wasted?

I’ve been there too. I experienced all of that and more during my 30 years in business as a health coach just like you. Now I am here to help.

I want to help you with your dreams of building better lives for your clients. This program will streamline all that fantastic information you have learned, give you strategies and systems to build a thriving business, and successfully put it all together to create your own health coach practice.

Just start seeing people, you will grow – it will take a while! Between my first business as a health coach to now, 30 years of learning, I’ve figured it out!

I know you work at your business every day, but everything feels askew. You know what to do, but like a puzzle with many pieces, you might not know where to start!

It is sad to me, really sad when I see new coaches decide this business is too hard, that their dreams will never come true. It is such a waste of talent and education.

Don’t let your optimism wane – there IS a place in this world for health coaches and this world needs YOU in a huge way!

If you find yourself feeling like:

• no one wants to spend the money to be coached
• you will never make the money you have dreamed of
• it takes so much more time working than the hours you have charged for
• you’ve been to every class that comes up to try and learn the secret to success
• there are so many projects undone (like that unfinished website you started awhile back)

Participation in the program has been made even EASIER!
Access will be available:

  • With a weekly email
  • Easy access through download in the Facebook group!
  • A group of health coaches to collaborate, support and hold accountable throughout the course


  1. Building Knowledge
  2. Building Infrastructure
  3. Building Budget
  4. Building Products
  5. Building a Website
  6. Building Buzz
  7. Building Clients
  8. Building Systems
  9. Building Blueprints
  10. Building Community
  11. bonus 1 Time Management
  12. bonus 2 Social Media
  13. bonus 3 Facebook Advertising
  14. bonus 4 Your Office at Home
  15. bonus 5 Correspondence
  16. bonus 6 Resources