WHY Use Healthy Habits?

While the detoxes and short programs are good, they need to lead into a program that you can work with on an ongoing basis that will make a lifetime of change.

This program will allow health coaches the comfort of working with your clients in partnership with a general practitioner, psychologist, personal trainer and a dietitian.  Your client can feel well taken care of with 5 professional specialists behind their efforts.

The program is affordable for your customer.  You may want to sell the Bronze Program for $296, Silver for $747 and Gold – $1,647.


  • It is a 12-week weight loss program.
  • Includes 2 levels of programming content:  facilitation guide for health coaches to administer the program and program being facilitated/ client materials.
  • Socratic method for teaching – worksheets/activities for clients to have “aha” moments
  • Possible meal planning upsell (extra).
  • Basic program delivery covered.
  • Should promote local coach as expert while leveraging time away from “hour-for-pay” model.
  • Include ability to customize for viewpoints on nutrition while still emphasizing bio-individual beliefs.