What does the “OFF” status under sequential mean?

When someone has the status of “OFF” next to their name in the Members tab of the WishList Members section, it means that they will not be affected by any sequential upgrade attempts that the system might attempt to make on them.  off

What this means, is that if someone is in a group level, for example, they will not move in to the next level even if the system is set to move everyone from that group to the main program.  Typically, the only people who have this status are administrators of the site.  If you find that someone does have that status and they shouldn’t, you can easily fix it by following the below steps:

  1. Go to your site Dashboard, cursor over WishList Member and select the members tab.
  2. Click the box next to the person who has the OFF status.
  3. In the drop down box, select the Turn ON Sequential Upgrade option.
  4. Click Go
  5. Their status will have changed to ON