Hosting and Domain Name

It can often be confusing when talking about website hosting versus the website domain and this will help to clarify that.

A web domain is the URL for the webpage. is our domain name.  There can be subdomains of a main domain such as our  One good analogy is that the domain name is the United States and a the subdomain is a state.   Most health coaches will only need the main domain name though.

Hosting is what happens when your site is built on a server.  The server is “hosting” your site.  In very general terms, a website is a series of code that on it’s own, would not be able to be viewed.  A server creates the necessary setup for that website to be viewed by those wishing to see it.  This is a simplistic description to give an idea of what hosting is.

Many coaches have built hosting/domain name packages with their registrar company (Hostgator, GoDaddy, BlueHost, etc.)  If you have a website with us here at the Health Coach Group, you do NOT need to have the hosting portion of that package as we host the site for you on our server.  This is incredibly beneficial to you as we will manage your site for you on that server.  Your registrar will not, in most cases, handle that for you other than to keep the server operational.  If you have purchased such a package, you can request that the company you purchased it from remove the hosting portion of the package.  You will want to keep the domain though for the DSD site.  This allows us to change the URL of your DSD site to the URL/Domain name that you purchased through them.