I Just Purchased the Platinum Package, Now What?

Congratulations on your purchase.

The first step is to log onto www.thehealthcoachgroup.com and go to “My Products” once there, go to DSD Member Area. You will find the form that you will fill out to have your site set up. My recommendation on the groups is to put them out at least a month or 2 to give you time to get set up. You can learn how to change your dates when you are ready to launch. You can also set all the dates to Jan 1, and when you are ready, you can change them.

While your site is being set up, I recommend that you go to The Inner Circle Member Area. Read the Inner Circle Explained. Then familiarize yourself with the different programs. There are different green tabs that have each of the programs. (I also recommend that you sign yourself up for each program when you get your site back. this will help you get familiar with each of them) Drop me a note when you get your site, and I will show you how to sign yourself up.

Next, go to the Packages Member Area. Read through the Launch Plan. Get familiar with this, because this really is the key to being successful. This is where you need to start thinking about a way of hosting a webinar. Google+ is a good place to start. Youtube has some good videos to get started. Next thing to learn more about is Mailchimp. Once again, Youtube has some good videos. We will be adding some good tutorials soon on how to best utilize these. Next read through the Facebook Posts. This will save you a headache in trying to remember when to post, and what to post while you are getting started. It also helps with learning the best way to post.

Now dig in to the Healthy Habits 🙂 This is an awesome program… Get familiar with it. You will learn it best when you sign yourself up for it.

Next, join these facebook groups. These are the best places to learn about each aspect of THCG.

The Inner Circle- active group with all sorts of information.
Specific DSD related information. Excellent people, motivated to succeed.
12 Day Detox Group. Some great information from people who are running this program in groups.

Each Monday, there is a Mentoring Monday meeting at 1:00 EST. (The meeting reminder will be in The Inner Circle Facebook group, and you will get an email each week) I always learn something in it. It is recorded each week if you can’t get on the call, but I highly recommend it, because you can ask specific questions.

If you have any questions at all, email support@thehealthcoachgroup. This is our new customer support area, and your questions will be sent to the appropriate people to be answered.

After your site is set up, you will go back to the DSD Member area and go through setting up your Paypal and activating your sign up buttons by following the DSD Setup instructions that comes after the set up form in “My Products”

I completely understand that this is a lot of information, and overwhelming. I promise you that if you take it slow and go step by step, you will start to understand it.

Take a deep breath, smile and know that you have made an excellent decision in propelling your business into success.