Troubleshooting clients not receiving program emails

Occasionally it can happen that a client says they aren’t receiving emails.  There are a few steps to troubleshoot.

  1. In your Dashboard go to Products Pages->Email Status.  When that opens up you will see a page like the image below.  If any say Fix It, you can click on them to fix the issue.  fixemail
  2. If none of them say Fix It, then they are most likely receiving their emails.  Ask them to check their spam folder.   The only time an email will not be sent is if it is the admin email.  The admin email is often set to not participate in the sequential upgrade as a coach should not use their admin email to test the programs out.
  3. One other potential reason is that the client is not in the correct level.  If they are in a group level and have only received one email, that is correct.  In a group level they will only receive the preparation email and nothing else.  It won’t send them further emails until they are moved out of the group level and in to the main program level.
  4. If all else fails, email the email of the client who still says they are not receiving their email to and we can double check the email history for you.