Healthy Holidays

What Is Healthy Holidays? How Does It Work?

Healthy Holidays is a group program designed for Facebook that is especially helpful to your customers in getting through the holidays in better shape than what they came in.

This program is intended to lead into a long term health coaching relationship between you and your participant. We have this set up as a FREE program, because it is more valuable as a relationship starter than as a short term money maker. It is a great way to market your services.

Everyone participates in their own way. They set goals and are accountable for their actions and progress at least once a week.

Goals should include…

 Nutrition (adding in at least one healthy food per week)
 Exercise (a minimum of 30 minutes 6 days a week)
 Gratitude (take the time to be grateful for at least 3 things in your life daily)
 Giving (challenge yourself to give without expectation of reciprocation once daily)

What is included for you?

An advertisement for Facebook, Twitter or even Pinterest.
An e-mail to welcome your clients and explain the program.
We will walk you through setting up your Facebook Group. An instructional video is included and it will show you what buttons to push, tell you what to enter into the appropriate boxes as well as providing a cover graphic for your group.
Example goals to give your clients comfort and a guide in setting their own goals.
A goal setting sheet to guide your clients in the right direction when setting meaningful goals.
(6) Motivational graphics to post weekly in your group.
A calendar to help you track postings, topics and activities in the group.
Discussion questions to quickly build camaraderie, trust and openness in your group.
An opportunity to build your business by establishing trust in an intimate relationship.

What this does not include:

Meal plans
Weight loss

This is set up as a group program, but may be used one on one.