General FAQ

General Questions about all programs, memberships, policies and procedures.

Tips for Program Use


You should use these with your clients, send them out in advance of your meetings.

You can send it digitally or have it printed out and hand or mail it to your clients.  You can change things, add things in and take things out.


Our programs are all ideal for use online and released:

  • through a membership-site sequentially
  • through a membership-site all at once
  • through emails
  • through a forum group like FaceBook
  • by a link to a cloud storage facility
  • through a practice management system with the educational release function

The programs can be run singly, as a group with group support, and as a group with group support and additional coaching.

These are specifically designed to be flexible to each coach and client’s needs.  There is a lot of variety and with the physician approval and team backup, if needed, it gives a professional edge. 

I hope they bring lots of prosperity and health to your business.

How Should I Charge for My Programs?

We don’t have a retail price plan.

You should price your program with a base value + your costs + your profit.

In the costs, you should include the time you spend with your client as well as the time that you spend preparing for your client.  This program should help to cut down on the latter.  If you are selling a 6-month program, you may want to figure up how many times you meet x’s your hourly rate.

If your rate is $125 and you meet 12 times, then a reasonable cost for your time would be $1500.00.  If you have additional giveaways that total $300.00, then your total price for a 6-month program might be $1800.00.  However – your 12-day detox may be a “loss leader” to pull in new six month clients.  In that case, there have been several health coaches who have done well with a $99 introductory price point.  (Self-guided and one 15 minute meeting to move up to a 6-month program).

Check out this article for ideas on charging.

Purchase Qualification

I Am A Certified Wellness Coach, And I Am Very Interested In Purchasing One Of Your Programs But Wonder If They Are Only For Integrative Nutrition Graduates?

Our programs are meant to be used by all qualified health professionals, including but not limited to health coaches, nutritionists, dietitians, qualified personal trainers, psychologists, nurses, physicians and chiropractors, and life coaches.  

Tips for Downloading

I am having problems with a download do you have any tips?

Please be sure you are using the correct software to open your materials.

  • PDF: You need Adobe Reader to read, Adobe Acrobat Professional to edit.
  • PPT: You need Microsoft Office PowerPoint (this is the preferred editing software).
  • DOC: You need Microsoft Office Word.  This is true regardless of whether you use Mac or Windows.

An error may occur if it is interrupted during download or if there is not read/write permissions to the temp folder.

Try to download again, but when doing so, right click and select “save as” then choose your desktop or the desired folder.

If that is not successful, do it in a different browser (i.e. if you are using Chrome, try with Internet Explorer).   This should clear up the issue and allow you to download the products.

If the file is “zipped” be sure to “extract” the contents first.

Logging Into Your Account

If you are having issues logging in to any of the WordPress sites, there are a few troubleshooting steps.

  • Make sure your caps lock key is not on.  Often people will not realize it is and as passwords are case sensitive, this will prevent a password from working.
  • Double check your entry.  One wrong character will prevent it from working
  • Make sure there is not a space before your password.
  • If you are certain of your password, try clearing your browser cache or try a different browser.
  • Request a new password.  This can be done from the login screen.
Locating Your Products of the Members Site

Follow the steps below to view your products:

Log in at our member’s site .  Make sure to use the email that you purchased the products with to log in.  *Note:  If you previously accessed your materials at the main site, the login will NOT be the same for the members site.

Your log in page will look like this:



If you scroll down, you will see icons.  If the icons are grey, you have not purchased the program yet.  If the icons are lit up with a color, you can click on it and access your materials.  See example below:





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